Of stars and mice, journeys and beliefs

on August 01, 2009

Into the distance, I look at that star
Its luminous, beautiful and yes it's too far
I look at it and wonder
Am I on par?

The star looked to be in my reach
God saw this and He decided to preach
As he began, I lost my speech
My journey had come under siege

As always, I accepted my fate
Was I early? Wasn't I too late?
I feel like a mouse who took a bite at the bait
I should have known, no one around is my mate

But He also taught me belief
And yes, it alone can carry you through times of grief
I know my life is uneventful and brief
Doesn't it make sense to follow the Chief?

May the star's charm increase manifold
May its silver-ish streak turn to gold
May He blesses it and give it warmth in cold
May it know that I did exist once!!

This doesn't have any literary quality but still, I somehow like it. Composed it in my head inside the helmet while on my way to a class. The last line has been intentionally left out of the rhyming scheme to show the disconnect.

Please comment and let me know what you think of it.


sweetanujap said...

awesome!! thr comes a time in all ur lives when we all feel d same way..

Dazediva said...

very nicely written and quite thought provoking ...

Isha said...

really nicely written :)

Anonymous said...

I'll post a comment when I get back my words.

Navi said...

You know what, I feel like taking my roommate's bike right now-1 am in the morning-night, and go on a long drive, all alone. May be then I would be able to feel what these words actually mean. Not mean, what these words actually are!

Different from your league. Nice to see you are expanding your horizon. :) KeeepItUP

Abhishek Chopra said...

@anuja - It sure does.

@Dazediva - thanks for the kind comment. Keep visiting. Do check why I can't comment on your blog, I so want to.

@Isha - Thank you :)

@Neha - This will do and it will do very well. :)

Anonymous said...

blogrolled u !

Rags said...

well written indeed!

K.D. said...

really awesome!

Vishal Vasudeva said...

what should i say about this dude..
it's simply awesome whenever i think it is your best you always come up with more beautiful thing :)

Hats off to you..
u r sansui (Better than the Best )

leo30 said...

coming from your heart. random.. yet trying hard to put in words.... nice reading..!! :-)

Anonymous said...

dum dee da da

Haresh said...

Nicely written! At least better than my first and only poem :P

Keep writing!

By the way, it's high time you update your blog ;-)

Mukul said...

hey dude..just passing through....nice composition

Anonymous said...

nice poem yaar
and u are from ujjain
great chalo koi to hain jo blog karta hain ujjain se

check my blog