Of stars and mice, journeys and beliefs

on August 01, 2009

Into the distance, I look at that star
Its luminous, beautiful and yes it's too far
I look at it and wonder
Am I on par?

The star looked to be in my reach
God saw this and He decided to preach
As he began, I lost my speech
My journey had come under siege

As always, I accepted my fate
Was I early? Wasn't I too late?
I feel like a mouse who took a bite at the bait
I should have known, no one around is my mate

But He also taught me belief
And yes, it alone can carry you through times of grief
I know my life is uneventful and brief
Doesn't it make sense to follow the Chief?

May the star's charm increase manifold
May its silver-ish streak turn to gold
May He blesses it and give it warmth in cold
May it know that I did exist once!!

This doesn't have any literary quality but still, I somehow like it. Composed it in my head inside the helmet while on my way to a class. The last line has been intentionally left out of the rhyming scheme to show the disconnect.

Please comment and let me know what you think of it.