Gloom to Melancholy

on May 23, 2009

The devil seeks the angel,
Wants to gorge on him, Period!
It’s the Day of Reckoning!
Three cheers to Armageddon!!!
What matters is immaterial,
What does not,
Has been fucked apart too.

In spaces between blankness,
In crowds amidst mobs,
A raging fear sends chills down the spines.
There is sweat on the brow,
And it threatens to melt the brain.
The twist of fate has caught you unawares
Utopia has been hacked down

You laugh the twisted laugh till dark humor dons a shade you cannot fathom out
You cry out till your throat gets sore
You think till you get deluded, hallucinated
You run until you encounter the Dead End
You feel the pain till your soul is kidnapped
You see the illusion of damage till it turns to annihilation.

And then, you tread the path from gloom to melancholy!!!