Exorbitatingly Arbit!

on March 07, 2009

First things first, apologies for the long hiatus between this blog post and the last one.

During this hiatus, I've read numerous books, watched many movies, gorged over loads of Calvin and Hobbes and the ilk.

This post is going to have a very high arbit quotient. I am going to talk about anything and everything that comes to my mind, with something thrown in to make the mix more eclectic. So let's begin -

1. The dates for the general elections in the country - (a big hoax, actually) have been announced. Mine being a sarkaari college is going to be the projector room for this whole movie and therefore, classes will be suspended. I plan to make good use of this time period. Let's see what the future holds in store for me.

2. The wound called Ujjain's water supply problems is deepening by the minute due to the highly lackadaisical approach of the concerned authorities. There has been bakar around the globe that the next World War will be fought for water. I would not go into the details of the problem here but I guess it would suffice to say that the battles have already begun in all earnest.

3. Did Slumdog Millionaire deserve the Oscar? I haven't watched the other movies but I fail to understand the need for putting the cliched happy ending - Boy meets girl and they lived happily ever after. I must say though, the part of the movie when the main protagonists are all children is superb, irrespective of the fact that India's "underbelly" (as some high-handed critics have chosen to call it - I disagree with the usage of the term) was depicted on the screen. I have been to extremely backward parts of India's east and believe me, the movie does not even come within striking distance of portraying India's underbelly. The kid actors were awesome especially the youngest Jamal.

4. I have been a big fan of Parle-G biscuits and the other day, I wrote a little mail to the consumer cell appreciating the product. I know that in all probability, my mail would be deleted as soon as it is discovered in the inbox but nevertheless, not everything in life is meant to big and glitzy. I got great pleasure in sending the mail and that's what matters most. Maybe this is an after-effect of reading Malgudi Days.

5. I listened to Black Eyed Peas' new album "Boom Boom Pow" and sadly this comes as close to shit as possible. I don't know what must have gone thorugh the band members' mind when they were composing such songs and guess what, I don't even want to go there. I assume that this is the advantage that one enjoys by not being a die-hard fan of any one band - you don't have to take the bad with the good!

6. Tyrannosaurus Rex is back after a rebirth, albeit under a new identity. T-Rex, thou shalt be called Recession hereafter. A close confidant of mine revealed to me that my employer-to-be has brought the curtains down, temporarily atleast, on the careers of around 1500 employees without the media knowing about it. The situation clearly looks very grim and I appeal to everyone who has a stake (me included), to face the music with the chin up and at least a semblance of hope in the heart.

There is nothing more coming to my mind right now. So here ends the post.