Outlandish Soliloquy

on July 25, 2009

Under the monstrous tree brought down by the avalanche
Lies a battered soul,
He's fucked up entirely, the Devil owns it now
Still he thinks there's a way out

He asks himself, "Who are you?"
"Don't know and I bloody don't give a damn" is the reply he gets
"Outlandish Soliloquy, this!!", says the soul
The Devil delivers one final blow!

The soul is resurrected now
He crawls into the fire and bathes in it
He is his coffin, he pushes nails deep inside
He has the bucket near, but doesn't kick it aside
He becomes the Devil or the Devil becomes he?


Anonymous said...


saumitra said...

HONESTLY... and in all sincerity... waht I have to say in regards to your blogs is that YOU ARE A GENIUS... though very generous with compliments, but RARELY do I feel or call anyone a genius.. and i must say YOU ARE ONE.. coz my definition of a genius is a THINKING MIND.. thinking beyond wat is.. wahat appears to be..but i sure have a little something to suggest.. DONT BE SO CYNICAL.. all that is around us is valid and is there for a reason.. remember.. GOD NEVER MAKES MISTAKES... NEVER EVER.. SO HAVE FAITH IN HIM.. nad the rest shall be a cake walk... good luck for everything.. i will pray to god for our well being..

Ritu said...

Well written. Good attempt. Esp as its not painfully long :)

Neha Seth said...

Wonderful poem.
Do keep writing more and sharing :)

Navi said...

Felt like buying a coffin after reading this and see if the devil comes to see me... Gr8 work :)

My favorite line:-

He asks himself, "Who are you?"
"Don't know and I bloody don't give a damn" is the reply he gets.

Abhishek Chopra said...

@partywithneha : :D

@Saumitra Sir : To write all that is very generous of you. I'm grateful you visited my blog and liked it. Please point out any flaws in design or language. Your guidance is invaluable.

@Ritu : Thanks!

@Neha : Cannot stop even if I want to! ;)

@Navi : If you like it, it must be good. ;) Thanks!

Pinksocks said...

keep it up!!! :D

Shubham said...

you know here in our campus we term a guy like you as prime...he can be controlled by himself or the one who controls it all :)