on June 21, 2009

I go to a temple.
I bow before Thee.
I look at the stray dogs.
I feed the stray kids.

I go to a hang-out.
I smoke a fag.
I sip at stale tea.
I kill an ant.

I don't get intoxicated after 3 of 'em.
I wonder how my friend does.
I sip at some more tea.
I break into a violent cough.

I try to cry.
I feel dry eyes and a dry soul.
I see that the ends of my friend's eyes are watered.
I feel good for him, better for his soul.

I get bitten by the same ant I killed ... or ... I tried to.
I deliver a one-liner, "Tears mark the beginning of pain!"
I see my friend nods.
I see him break into a wail.

I have my head held in my hands.
I move my fingers through my hair.
I can sense the inherent gloom in the lovely evening sky.
I feel as if my heart is being razed, layer by layer.

I get up, walk up to my bike.
I caress it, feel all the scars again.
I give it a peck where its cheek would have been.
I know it has been on my side, without a figment of complain.

I am still strong.
I can bear some more.
I'll be the last man standing.
I am sure of this, even more.

A pretty simple poem by my standards. Scribbled it while being the pillion-rider, on my friend's back.


Pushkar said...

"I get bitten by the same ant I killed"

I read this as - "I get bitten by the same ant and I get killed."

Jeetesh said...

good that u write those...

Anonymous said...

Poignant! and weird :)
I like it :)

$hruti said...

how wide is ur mind :P kya kya socta hai tu :P

navi said...

epoitome of vellapanti... :p

Charlz C said...

This is a lovely poem. Thank you for the comment. Not sure how far I'll "go" I only ever aspired to touch one heart. Never aspired nor do I now to publish. I guess it doesn't intrigue me, rather free's up the soul. ;)


WarnerBros. said...

How can you think such pretty things and be capitalist in exploits even so ??