Euthanasia is what I seek!

on September 29, 2008

Psychedelia strikes me
It's insanity for sure
I'm losing my grip on things
there seems to be no cure!

She has left me on the crossroads,
they have turned their backs.
What I thought of as an invincible wall,
hell, ya, it's got cracks!

They say it's a passing phase,
looks like the phase lasts a birth.
This is what they call a disaster,
I'm the last guy running in this mad race!

It's a monstrous tree,
Entangled I feel in the ghoulish branches,
The bark is so sticky that it hurts,
I just can't let go
Egregiously sour and laced with the choicest venom,
the leaves and fruits seek to destroy my cranium!

What do I do?
I've nowhere to go!
One look at myself in the mirror
"A decimated, good-for-nothing warrior",
howls from alter-ego from within.

There's been talk of a fairy-tale ending,
and also, every black cloud has a silver lining,
about light at the end of the tunnel and the like!
with me, it is sadistically different
the fairy has transformed into a witch,
The lightning camouflaged has stuck me too
the tunnel has become a funnel,
On which end am I is crystal clear,

It engulfs me all around, it's fear!
Euthanasia is what I seek!

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gud poem man..

Ankush said...

bhai u hv bcom an encoder of words&feelings like methods&properties

Jeetesh said...

Really, its best of the slots. I feel like read it again n again...