Of Compiler Design and a 4th grader

on October 02, 2008

Are "parsing" and "purse-in" one and the same thing?
For everything that goes in, comes out sooner.
How can alphabets be non-elements?
No, please don't go back on primary education!
It befuddles me no end, I swear!

How do LR and SLR differ?
does SLR refer to "Sylar" from "Heroes"?
My God, save my soul, or rather brain from that evil man!

Why do we have languages for all levels - high, low and middle?
We got to have uniformity and equality, don't we?
That's not what they taught me at school
Is it not akin to fooling me? Answer me, O teacher!

Why do we need to transfer the innocuous dot to so many places?
Won't it get tired? Come on, think of it!

Who is going to explain to me what is happening out there, no; in there in the compiler?
Who is tending to what and whose ID are we constantly referring to?
Arithmetic tells me to open the brackets first,
but here the rules have been marauded!
I don't know when, don't even have a clue!

'I' referred to only me, that's what my English teacher told me
It was strictly singular, though plumpy she herself was,
good enough to be two! (hope she is not listening!)
Here there is a sea of 'I's', I saw eleven of them on the blackboard today
God, am I hallucinating or what?

Someone please come to my rescue,
this is a SOS call
My cute, little brain is not able to compile all of this arbit gyaan
The load is too much, this flood of symbols, arrows, elements and non-elements
I swear!

Readers, please empathise with me in my troubles with understanding Compiler Design.
Please pour in with your comments.


Abhisheq =] said...

Gosh! This is pure genius =]