on September 16, 2008

DEATH is a actually a Fender Stratocaster that starts playing a riff to elevate you to an all- new high even as the other sounds fade out

It's a melody that pleases you, to fill the heart with contentment, perhaps even a sense of confused bliss, never experienced before

It's the time when defeat and victory lose their meaning, because the realization sets in that ultimately, fate will lead everyone - the victor and the vanquished, on the same trail ...

Then, like a bolt from the blue, the ephemerality of this phase strikes you and the memories pertaining to your life, right from spring through to autumn, flood your soul

In the fleeting moments, you wish that all of this turns out to be dream, but deep inside you know that it is not!

And then, you don't breathe!

These lines by yours truly, show death in a different light.

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Shrijith said...

For a moment, you will fall in love with this "one of the wonderful supernatural phenomenon" death :-)

Jeetesh said...

"Death" is like a girl, attracting and betraying each heart with just one purpose to full-fill, i.e. to give satisfaction or relax you from your hectic-unending journey.