Nightmares and Scars

on October 29, 2011

They beat him up to pulp in the alley,
A broken jaw and a blackened eye.
He got up somehow...
and ran for his life.

As he entered the dark hallway,
He saw his image in the wall at the end.
It was as bad (good?) as a ghastly devil...
The wind got knocked out of his sails!

He ran again; fate it was or a twist in the tale?!
Even tougher it got to rein in the horses of thought.
A dank, unkempt, claustrophobic room awaited.
And he escaped into it, wasn't he lucky?!

Saw 'em there for the first time ever,
seemed too good to be true, all of them.
"Oh well...", said he to no one in particular.

He was flying up and above...
when they brought him down with a thud.
"You worthless piece of shit!"
He gave up...
before, much before he gave in.
And ran again!

Escaping from the escape route...
Hell yeah, what a sight!


Anonymous said...

gives a real nightmare u hardly remember the exact beginning & end most of the times...what remains after getting up are some broken threads here and there ur mind tries to link them somehow...good one...keep it up...!

Abhishek Chopra said...

@Waghmare - Thanks mate! And you've hit the nail right on the head with your interpretation.